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So you were looking for something fun to do on Saturday night.  You want dinner, but not your standard everyday dinner fare.  You would like some entertainment for your evening, someplace different than a dark movie theater or a noisy bar.  You typed “dinner” and “theater” on Google and you happened upon RedruM Mystery Theater.  So, you clicked on the link and now here you are.  Welcome!  We are RedruM Mystery Theater, an audience interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Theater company bringing you fun and entertaining quality dinner theater.

Conceived by the hearts and minds of John Paul Marston and Ethan Scott, RedruM Mystery Theater opened its doors on December 1, 2005 with our original Christmas show “Christmas Parties are Murder”.  Our shows are unique compared to your normal Proscenium Stage Theater as we include our audience on the stage with the actors.  Audience members are asked to participate as detectives to try to solve the crime, join the story as a character in the play, participate in a contest or just supply sound effects for the show.  So, you never know when an audience member might be asked to join our illustrious troupe in our entertaining romp.    

Here at RedruM Mystery Theater, we are dedicated to providing the best in mystery dinner theater while utilizing local actors and playwrights in and around the Atlanta area.  You never know if who is performing for you today will be on your movie or TV screen tomorrow.  In addition to nationally publish works like “The Man Who Thought He Was Sherlock Holmes” and “B-I-N-G-O Spells Murder” we have also produced original local works such as “Christmas Parties are Murder”, “The Midnight Crooner” and “Murder . . . Forget About it”. 

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Artistic Director
Ethan Scott
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Managing Director
John Paul Marston